‘Excuse me while I whip this out’

Cleavon Little, Blazing Saddles

Sheriff Bart (the late Cleavon Little), Blazing Saddles

Shortcuts, idiosyncrasies you may find funny are methods we’ve employed to have a less-hassle (hassle-free is fiction), more enjoyable holiday.  As well as avoiding catching a cold when getting back home.

There are conditions where locals shake their heads in befuddlement and we find ourselves chuckling, ‘It’s no big deal’.. (*when clicking a hyperlink – such as the link below this message, highlight the link, right-click ‘Open Link in New Window’ or highlight the link and type ‘W’)

It’s tough to gauge a hotel from customer reviews.  One review speaks of a ‘honeymoon destination’ and you see another scathing review during the same period!  This is the overwhelming reason why we want to share our ventures away from home.

We’ve given the apropos ‘jog-off’ to Expedia, tripadvisor  and other like-minded review sites (though we do enjoy virtualtourist).

The vacationers who complain, post pictures of a scrape on the wall, a tad bit of caulk flaking off in a bathroom corner, complaining their hotel’s front desk didn’t speak their native tongue/English well, didn’t kiss their a ss enough at meals, didn’t respond like some type of serf to their myriad of questions, expecting the hotel to contact them (?) regarding nearby and/or construction work for THEIR upcoming stay etc.,

FYI: YOU’RE on holiday.  You may be going to a place in the world where a checklist of expected niceties/ common courtesies are common in your area though alien and not practiced elsewhere.

There are details, customs and possibilities YOU should have researched, double-triple checked before booking/leaving/arriving to EVERY holiday destination.

Nearly ALL hotels, whether booking via expedia-like agencies or through the hotel itself has a 100% refund BEFORE checking-in.

The ‘I wasn’t told/emailed/contacted for..’ faux grievances – here’s some crocodile tears for you and your accompanied ineptness.

Some hotels BOAST of their ‘inadequacies’ – like Amsterdam’s, ‘Hans Brinker’

Admittedly I want to see the place.  Can it really be ‘that bad’?

We do our homework.


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