Me.. a Germaphobe? Nooo. Rubbing alcohol scented hands is natural, right?


Before leaving be sure to have a few mini hand sanitizer bottles, mini-Kleenex tissues and chapstick.  I haven’t seen though read of the 2011 movie, ‘Contagion’ but am sure Renae and I live a post-contagion life so to speak already.  The movie would only confirm how awesomely ‘forward thinking’ we are.

What has 2 thumbs and turns down complete strangers offering a handshake while asking, ‘Where are you from’?  This guy!

Time to go..

Being on the OCD spectrum regarding germs, our caution/’MOPP 4′ is put to the test when entering ANY type of public (private in those rare instances as well) restroom and risking skin contact with door/stall/flusher/stall/sink/door-again.  The preparation, outcome is always successful.

The misnomer of, ‘1 in 3 men don’t wash their hands after using the restroom’ – that’s an urban legend.  The unwashed masses is higher!  Scary stuff.

I believe our germ fighting survival kit/ ‘skills’ is reason enough why Renae and I avoid being sick to/from holiday destinations.  Or could just be considered our, ‘Placebo’.

If the latter, I gotta tell you – it’s fantastic.  ‘The Blue pill’ IS our drug of choice!


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