You’re not.. You’re not good

The ‘bohemian holiday snobs’ moniker is primarily due to Renae and I having our own ‘relaxed’ niche and like comfortable accommodation when on holiday.  Without the ‘backpacker’ ‘hostel’ ‘shared bathroom/room’ ‘nightclub on ground floor’ appended to hotel details.

Were not saying the on-the-cheap/fly hotels are less enjoyable.  Though being married, in our 30’s and adamantly enjoy our quiet, privacy and anonymity – the economic savers are less appealing for us.

We visit these amazing places to see, absorb and take-in its rich history, unique architecture and culture.  Okay okay were primarily there for the food!

When on vacation I liken us to, ‘Jake & Elwood Blues’ crashing the Chez-Paul Restaurant..

..except the bread tossing and wanting to buy children aspect.  My throwing is subpar nowadays and usually we have but 1 bed – no way is there room for a child let alone children.

We don’t stay at or avoid skyscraper-type behemoth hotels.  There’s too many floors, too many shared walls, always seeming too expensive and sterile-like qualities.

These establishments also have ~ 3 – 1 ratio of the pinky finger out when drinking types and/or guys in v-necks (what the h ell is with these wide scoop v-necks?  The ONLY man who can pull off the man-bear coat is Welsh singer Tom Jones & perhaps America’s own Neil Diamond.. jmo.) talking too loud about their booze cruise, women with the mousey-type voice who overemphasize the letter ‘s’ when speaking etc.,   You know, we (as I’m sure you do as well) see their boyfriend’s all the time.

Uhm.. yeah

..and their empty vessel

..and their empty vessel

It’s no stereotype and we don’t claim to be their betters.  We only wish THEIR lives were more personal, less conspicuous and well.. theirs and theirs alone!

There are PLENTY of 4-5 star hotels whose floor plan is spread out, less boxy and far more spacious with 1-3 floors, tops.  Their outdoor patios overlook a harbor, rooftop seating with downtown square a few moments walk etc.,

These hotels have some or all of the following amenities: a pool, gym and sauna/spa facilities if possible.

We’ve found these especially important when on an Austral-Asian holiday.

Weather systems are more prevalent to many Asian destinations due to close proximity of the equator.  As well as Australia & New Zealand, their far South locations in the Southern Hemisphere, respectively.

Taking advantage of the pool, sauna or spa is ideal on a rain day or a lazy day.


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