‘One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster..’

Anyone else remember the 80’s tune, ‘One Night in Bangkok’ by Murray Head?  When hearing Mike Tyson sing that tune in the atrocious sequel, ‘The Hangover II’ I had flashbacks of my youth (naturally induced, we do live in a dry country).

You 30-something’s know what I’m talking about.  Devising ways to excel at ExciteBike on NES, wondering when the hell Back to the Future Part II was going to be released.


I found LL Cool J (My first album with a ‘Parental Advisory’ warning), The Cult, The Smith’s and The Talking Heads to be lyrical lotharios.

Ahhh... no rapper..






All the while sporting feathered hair and bangs with grey striped tube socks,  Stadia velcro shoes, wristbands on each wrist & striped SHORT shorts (I’ll stop right there.  My sis has a picture on her fridge of me in that ensemble from that anything goes era.  Let’s just say it gives her, my brother-in-law Scott, my nieces and the many people who frequent their home much comic relief).. good times.

Bangkok is a must-see.  It’s not a destination only for the socially inept middle-aged White westerner ‘looking for love’ (looking, paying.  All the same for these ‘gems’) types.  Or the younger western nihilists, meatheads alike with bimbo girlfriends inundating West-Southwest Bangkok openly discussing their finds for, ‘..as good as Viagra’ at a petite coffee shop.  Pictures of such folks were provided in a prior post.

That area of Bangkok more so resembles the city of Cancun; with crummy western chain restaurants, tattoo parlors and water-like beer akin to Corona.  You’d swear your plane, perhaps hotel is in Texas by accident.

Evil Knievel's got nothin' on this ride

Evil Knievel's got nothin' on this ride








Though Bangkok locals exude a sense of humor directed at the Westerner’s expense with memorable t-shirt slogans:

‘Excuse me.  Which way is the sex’?

Though a country known for being off the richter-like scale for tubesteak boogie-like exploits we surprisingly didn’t see, ‘Excuse me.  Where are the prophylactics’? t-shirt.

Intersection beside The Grand Palace

Whether it’s amazing temples, imagery/pallet overload or on-the-go, incredibly low priced and delicious food, finding an amazing knock-off/imitation.. well, anything – just go.  Now!


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