Wait a sec.. David Carradine stayed here? This hotel has incredibly strong doors

Of course it’s best to check the quickest, most comfortable form of travel from airport to your hotel.  Though also take into consideration where you’re going and the swindling that can go on if you don’t speak the native tongue or stick out (map in hand, luggage, noticing a ‘slight difference’ of your melanin as the locals etc.,).

Always get money AT the airport when arriving.  Many places, public transportation is cash-only.

We take the train or bus to our hotel.  Always booking a hotel near though not too near to a train station.  If exhausted or it’s late, take the train.

Take the bus ONLY if you’ve done your homework prior to leaving, knowing the route, no transfers needed, read reviews of the bus system’s dependability etc.

Bus stops are infinite-like though same rules apply for train station’s as bus depots.

A lull for busyness on our hotel's street

A lull busyness-wise for our hotel's street

Our arriving in Central Bangkok was in the early evening and our hotel, Citin Pratunam, is ~5 minutes walk from the train station.

Close enough to travel throughout the city though far enough to not hear its coming and going.

If you’re looking for a ‘quiet’ or ‘serene’ environment in Bangkok – you need to go elsewhere.  Bangkok is always hopping.  The energy is electrifying and very alluring.  The kind of place where you go to a 7-11 to buy a beer(s) and the clerk will have a bottle opener in hand and ask if you want your brew opened right then.

Yes, it’s a slice of heaven mixed with a dash of organized chaos, population-ese speaking.

When booking a hotel ask or write a ‘comment’ on Citin Pratunam’s site and request a corner room on a floor with as few occupants compared to the other floors during your stay.  Reaffirm a couple times prior to leaving whereas nothing’s lost in translation.

The Bangkok restaurants we highly recommend are Chote Chitr, Polo Fried Chicken (Better than KFC) and Once Upon a Time, respectively.

Chote Chitr

Chote Chitr is on a roundabout/alleyway type of street with tuk-tuks and/or vehicles parked in front whereas you may miss the tiny sign altogether.  Be sure you have a map and Chote Chitr marked on it.  You’ll be glad you had.

Chote Chitr’s owner is the 3rd generation owner.  A sweet, layed back woman you share a pint with.  It’s difficult to tell you exactly what to eat because everything and I mean everything is delicious.

The menu is small though excellent.  *Warning* *Warning* be aware of spicy dishes.  It’s not your typical Thai restaurant, ‘White Boy Spicy’.  If spice isn’t for you, don’t try to be macho or a hero.  You’ll only look stupid.  We didn’t for I’ve done such shenanigans in a ‘prior life’ though some tourists across from us played tough guys.  I can only imagine later..

Polo Fried Chicken boasts of incredible fried chicken and other Thai staples, favorites.  An East meets West Gastro Pub, really.

The business has a no frills, eat and leave type of decor.  Which is fine by us.

I’m thinking PFC uses lard, the MacGyver of cooking essentials until the health police invaded our lives.

Ah you know, the stuff debutantes and Real Housewives show-drones shudder to think of ingesting.  Which may be the reason why it’s incredibly delicious.

Beware of lunch hour madness.  PFC is within stone’s throw of ~ 1/2 dozen embassies and these gubmint types eat en masse.  Why is that so universal?  Gubmint and/or Union folks alike.  What a mundane, safe and boring existence.  O.k. o.k.

Once Upon a Time

Lastly is Once Upon a Time.  This restaurant has an incredible ambiance with its outdoor seating.  The outdoor decor is  Swiss Family Robinson-like.  Simple, low-lit and very private.  Even if sitting ~10 feet from the next table.  We recommend eating here at night.  Not 3 minutes walk from downtown.

Once Upon a Time also provides complimentary bug spray, nicely scented might I add if you wish to avoid any bites.

Puts Crummy Wolfgang Puck to shame

The food is VERY good and the staff very attentive.


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