In a nutshell..

Our Bangkok trip was entertaining, educational and very memorable to say the least.

Guard dog with style


Traveling to Thailand during their winter months is ideal weather-wise and highly recommend doing so as well.  Late November- February is ideal.

North Bangkok is more so, ‘authentic Thailand’ whereas GREAT Thai food is miniscule in price as to that of the downtown area.  Chatuchak Market (the THOUSANDS of booths amongst a tent city atmosphere in a flea market-like setting goes beyond your imagination, expectation) has incredible items whereas seeing is truly believing.

Central Bangkok is very metropolitan, modern.  The restaurants though were proven to be average in most aspects.  Many chain restaurants possessing everyday, greasy spoon Eastern and Western fare.  Though was the ideal destination for groceries, snacks and spirits for on-the-go excursions due to possessing large grocery stores.

Western Bangkok, other than the aforementioned Chote Chitr restaurant can be avoided.

Eastern Bangkok is very East meets West wherein a few minutes walk from a train stop destination provides a quaint coffeeshop, meager-posh restaurants and sales booths/ stalls lining the city streets or temples beside a modern day shopping mall.

Not 6 feet from this sanctuary is hustle bustle..

Not 6 feet from this sanctuary is hustle bustle..

Though Southern Bangkok for us is the most intriguing, alluring and welcoming.  An eclectic collective where you catch yourself in numerous instances stepping away from the crowd and admiring the city in its complex and charming entirety.

Wonderful food, sights, transportation (water taxi’s costing .12-.20 cents.  No kidding!) can whisk you nearly anywhere in the city in a short amount of time.

FYI: Avoid the tuk tuk drivers unless your hotel has a complimentary shuttle (whereas the Citin Pratunam hotel has such) for there is NO point A – point B amongst them.


'It's Dear-Tay'

'It's Dear-Tay'

Enjoy your stay and by all means share your travels, travails and everything else in between as well.