Hong Kong NOT phooey!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve visited HK in both Winter and Summer months, respectively.  Here’s our takeaway.

If living/ visiting HK from a SE Asian country South of HK in Summer though still in the Northern Hemisphere, the slightly less albeit smaller humidity % will be heaven-like! So HK Summer is quite nice if using the aforementioned ‘formula’.

If arriving from, say, Wyoming or Colorado – you’re going to melt..! We’d adopted the adage, ‘Embrace the sweat’.  An incredible placebo if I may say so..!

Arriving in late-July we were quite fortunate to get into HK.  We were one of the 1st flights to arrive, on-time, post-Typhoon Vicente. Though the damage seemed to be minimal on-land, the wind and rough seas seen when on final approach into HK was evident. Many inbound HK flights were rerouted apparently to nowheresville China for days on end.

Again, we were quite fortunate.   With HK’s monsoon season winding down shortly thereafter, late July-early August you may consider waiting until mid-August or September.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Renae & I stayed at Hotel de Edge.  A new, hip hotel a mere 10 mins. walk from the ferry area on Hong Kong Island.  As well as ~3 minutes walk for water, snack provisions.  Essential if you plan on walking a great deal.

For HK’s not a ‘driver-friendly’ area if a tourist.

As per request. our room was situated on a corner, away from other guests and our bay window facing Kowloon Bay.  Fantastically beautiful.

The complimentary breakfast the entirety of our stay and check-in cocktail were excellent. The breakfasts consisted of 4 choices.  Including a superb eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce that was surprisingly good.  The 3 instances I’d ordered as such.

The coffees: Tall Blacks, Americano and Espresso etc., also complimentary were all above par. The management, personable & tasteful style exuded in the restaurant and front desk was again, top notch.

HK, like NYC is a sights and sounds marvel.  The non-stop hustle bustle is an ethereal sight to see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The ever-expanding brightly lit skyline combined with the sun-rain beaten older buildings – modern day & traditional cultures go hand-in-hand with the bright lights surprisingly well. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From Western type diners, chain restaurants to gorgeous Eastern restaurants/ ballrooms serving shark fin soup & other LEGAL (at least to we Westerners!) seafood marvels, there’s something for anyone & everyone.  Even those with a non-risky/ picky palette!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Incredible cheese, wine tasting (The, ‘Classified’ is a bohemian chic joint that’s a must to-do.  If stinky cheese is your thing, THIS is your type of haunt).

The Dim Sum places, too many to name let alone mention – we’d found those to our liking being mostly in working class family-owned hole-in-the-walls with limited, crowded seating.  Exactly what the doc & our aching stomachs needed, ordered!

The near-vertical trolley car taking one high up in the picturesque HK Island hills for a gorgeous panoramic view (Note: Be sure to make a reservation a few days in advance). The Kowloon side boasting of hip, chic restaurants, pubs, clothing stores intertwined with 5+ generation Mom n Pop restaurants and temples dotting both islands.  One’s visual sensory is inundated with a forever-changing though smoothly functioning society in all it’s splendor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The walker-friendly ease (As long as you move with the ebb & tide of people.  Or have a ‘pusher’ in your group..!) of HK and it’s East meets West component is evident everywhere.  Though tastefully so. A free zoo, banyan trees adorning buildings, walls & sidewalks alike to often times-fascinating tchotchkes in storefront windows. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery – the hike up can be arduous for some.  Though the sights, both natural and otherwise is many & nothing short of awe-inspiring.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   HK’s airport is a technological marvel whereas a crammed bus SHOULDN’T be an option to get to/ from your booking.  A state-of-the-art, clean train runs often to/ from the airport with simple, understandable maps to get you to your destinations. More importantly you can check-in your luggage AT the train station rather than the airport, saving you time & ensuing headache(s) with airport screening protocols!

Your HK trip will be one to remember.  So much so like us you’ll HAVE to visit more than once.